TBI MOTION Technology Co., Ltd. - Ball Screw / Linear Guide-Transmission Technology.

TBI MOTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., is a specialized manufacturer in linear motion products in Taiwan, possessing critical core technology and concentrating on product research and innovative design. Our products are under patent design with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 certification and now distributors have been established all over the world since 1986. With "Outstanding quality, high capacity", we are well recognized in the market.

We have full production lines and all the products are made in Taiwan. Our main products are Ball Screw, Linear Guide, Ball Spline, Precision Ball Screw / Spline, Single Axis Actuator, Linear Ball Bearing, Coupling, Support Unit...etc.

The range of applications of our products is as follow:
- Automation Industry
- Robot Industry
- Semi-conductor Industry
- Industrial Machinery
- Medical Equipment
- Green Energy Industry
- Machine Tool
- Automated Storage and Retrieval System

The products of TBI MOTION are outstanding in all industrial fields and we also provide technical support and industry analysis to meet customers' demands.

Business Philosophy




TBI MOTION creates advantageous circumstance through collaboration and keeps being innovative to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Best Partner of Production & Solution in Linear Motion.

TBI inside, as the prospect of helping our clients explore the infinite possibility of technology for life by utilizing our products inside of them.

TBI MOTION Headquarters.

5 Values of TBI

2019Establishing brand image.Market positioning.
2018TBI MOTION is officailly a Initial Public Offering (IPO) Company.Stock No. 4540
2016Established Shulin Headquarters.
2015TBI MOTION held National Instrument Competition.
20142014 Launched new ball screw/spline series.
2014.03.28 Established Lunghwa R&D center in TBI MOTION and Creative Forming Center in Lunghwa university of science and technology.
2014.11.19 Beam raising ceremony for TBI MOTION Shulin new plant.
2014.11.19 Official listed in emerging stock for TBI MOTION.
20132013.09.07 Ground Breaking ceremony for TBI MOTION Shulin new plant.
20122012.03.24 Officially contracting for Shulin industrial park.
2012.06 TBI MOTION officially Initial Public Offering (IPO) Stock No.4540.
2010Integrated TBI's technology and COMTOP's marketing system, TBI MOTION keeps its leading place in ball screw manufacturing.
Established Yingge plant.
2002Established COMTOP as a marketing system exporting ball screw to the worldwide.
1988TBI built the manufacturer in Taichung that focused on innovation product and produce precise ground ball screw. In the same year, company promoted Ball Bushing and support unit. Three series released public in the market.
1986TBI established Tucheng factory as the first ball screw manufacturing factory in Taiwan.

TBI MOTION Headquarters.
TBI MOTION Headquarters.


Certificate Award

Bester Verkauf

Design und Herstellung von Linear Motion-Produkten - TBI MOTION

TBI MOTION Technology Co., seit 1986 ein lineares Bewegungsprodukt Hersteller von Getriebekomponenten. ISO9001-zertifizierte PDCA- und TPM-Systeme für die Qualitätskontrolle und die grüne Energieversorgungskette, Linearbewegungsprodukte wie Linearantrieb, Kugelumlaufspindel, Einachsantrieb, Kugelverzahnung und Linearführung werden mit hoher Effizienz geliefert.

Die Linearbewegungsprodukte von TBI MOTION sind in verschiedenen Branchen weit verbreitet, darunter Roboter mit automatischer Steuerung, Halbleiter, Maschinen, medizinische Geräte, Solaranlagen, Werkzeugmaschinen und Parksysteme. Mit fortschrittlicher Technologie und 32 Jahren Erfahrung stellt TBI MOTION sicher, dass die Anforderungen jedes Kunden erfüllt werden.

heiße Produkte

Linear Guide

Linear Guide

Compare with traditional motion, Linear Guide can decrease the abrasion on the rail and maintain...

Rotary Series

Rotary Series

Rotary Ball Screw Spline can present rotary, spinning and linear, three kinds of motion...

Single Axis Actuator

Single Axis Actuator

Gathering ball screw and linear guides' advantages, we make a modularization, which contains...