Welfare System

Welfare System

TBI MOTION's Welfare System

Complete Education and Training
1. New recruitment education.
2. Internal education.
3. Exetrior education.

Germane Insurance and Physical Examination
1. Labor insurance.
2. Health care insurance.
3. Pension.
4. Periodic physical examination.

1. Two days weekend.
2. National holiday.
3. Labor day.

Bonus System
1. Year-end bonus.
2. Holiday bonus.
3. Development bonus.
4. Achievement bonus.
5. Proposition bonus.
6. Project bonus.
7. Injury on duty compensation.
8. Supervisor bonus.
9. Uniform.
10. Parking lot.

Employees' Welfare
1. Company trip.
2. Department dine.
3. Birthday Party.
4. Birthday bonus.
5. Labor day bonus.
6. Marriage and funeral compensation.
7. Birth allowance.
8. Hospitalization compensation.
9. Scholarship for employee education.
10. Scholarship for children education.

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Linear Motion Products Design and Manufacturing - TBI MOTION

TBI MOTION Technology Co., Ltd., since 1986, is a linear motion product | transmission component manufacturer. ISO9001 certified, PDCA and TPM systems for quality control and green energy supply chain, linear motion products such as linear actuator, ball screw, single axis actuator, ball spline and linear guide are supplied with high efficiency.

TBI MOTION's linear motion products are widely applied in various industries, including automatic control machine robots, semi-conductors, machinery, medical equipment, solar energy equipment, machine tools and parking systems. With both advanced technology and 32 years of experience, TBI MOTION ensures each customer's demands are met.

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