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  • Ball Spline SLF
    Ball Spline SLF

    SLF series is ground to form a perfect 40° angular contact point, increasing the load-carrying capacity and rigidity, SLF series is easier to install because it only requires a rough bore, a drilled mounting hole and tapped to secure the flange to the housing.

  • Ball Spline SLT
    Ball Spline SLT

    SLT series features high load-carrying capacity, high rigidity and high sensitivity, lowering the consumption of energy, SLT series is one of the easiest installing series.

  • Ball Spline SOF
    Ball Spline SOF

    With TBI MOTION's unique 40° angular contact design, SOF series delivers high sensitivity, high load-carrying capacity and high accuracy. SOF series is easy to be installed through mounting holes.

  • Ball Spline SOT
    Ball Spline SOT

    SOT features 40° angular contact point, increasing rigidity, sensitivity and load-carrying capacity, SOT series is one of the easiest installing series.

  • Rotary Ball Spline RLSF
    Rotary Ball Spline RLSF

    Standard Type The rotary spine is designed to move linearly and rotationally in one assembly.

  • Rotary Ball Spline RLBF
    Rotary Ball Spline RLBF

    High Loading Capacity Type RLBF series features 40° angular contact angle, it enables self-aligning and bears higher axial load to achieve better accuracy.

Result 1 - 6 of 6

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TBI MOTION Ball Spline Service Introduction

TBI MOTION Technology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Ball Spline supplier and manufacturer with more than 32 years experence. Since 1986, in the Metal Industry, TBI MOTION has been offering our customers high quality Ball Spline production service. With both advanced technology and 32 years experience, TBI MOTION always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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