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The Third TBI motion Automation Intelligence Competition

News from Economic Daily, 18 Dec, 2017.Government's 5+2 policy, as a symbol of taking intelligent machine serious and awareness to the importance of intelligent automation technology. To support the government's policy, TBI motion cooperated with National Taipei University of Technology to hold "The Third TBI motion Automation Intelligence Competition". By organizing 10 corporations (HSK Technology Corp., Toyo Automation Corp., Mindman Industrial Corp., SESAME Motor Corp., CHELIC Corp., Shihlin Electric&Engineering Corp., Tung Pei Industrial Corp., KINIK Corp.) in the domestic, the alliance offered high bonuses for this event. As teams pass to the final, they shall get a material supply with application consulting services. During competition, we have above dozens of teams attempted. Fifteen teams were qualified for the final and they will have the final competition on 15 December.

After the ranking of "The Third TBI motion Automation Intelligence Competition" was announced. Team "Glass Heart Penetration" instructed by professor Chao-Chin-Ho had won the championship with team members' (Jia-Chang-Chen, You-Cheng-Lin, You-An-Lin) dedication. They performed the extraordinary "Microporous Glass processed by coaxial jet support electrochemistry discharge" to win the title of the first place. The work made machining no longer limiting by the type of material, especially glass and ceramics' microporous drilling process. Because of the limit of traditional glass machining, team Glass Heart Penetration came up with the idea of using machine vision as foundation to detect and optimize electrochemistry discharge processing. Through the method, they increase the processing's efficiency and accuracy. They found out the best parameter to automation machining. Their innovation of feedback mechanism and high variable parameter setting were appreciated by all of the judges that they considered it as a very competitive finding.

The second place, won by team "Here's the Champion" which was instructed by Pro. Lian-Wang-Li from Lunghwa University of Science and Technology and Pro. Xin-Han-Jiang from National Taiwan Normal University. The team's "Egg Cooking Automation Specialist" organizes the process of egg entering, down press, breaking, oiling, cooking and shell collecting into one single tiny machine. This little factory won the prize of innovation and popularity by its concept integrity and creativity.The third place, won by team "SIM-C101" which was instructed by Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology's Pro. Jia-Xiang-Su and Pro. Hong-Hong-Lin. The team's "Intelligent Mutual Cutting System" makes four axes cutting equipment matching into the material entering and interactive type-setting system from the cutting tool machine. By organizing the brand new knife calibrating system, they made the traditional tool machine more advanced and intelligent.

As President Ching-Kuen-Li of TBI motion said, "Industry shall take root below and bear fruit above step by step". As the event came in the third year, students make a further progress in every single year. With more corporations in this industry attempt and more applicable material, schools and enterprises succeed the technical cooperation, hoping the development of the industry and this event can thrive together in the future. President Wen-Lung-Li of National Taipei University of Technology addressed, "Smart machine is a combination of components which is assembled by software plus the application of the internet and big data to make the material more advance and intelligent". The event's purpose is to make the potential intelligent production came true by supporting participants with components to create their own innovation.

Aware to the dilemma of Taiwan's industry development, president Tian-Tsai-Shiu from Commerce Development Research Institute, he thanked TBI motion and National Taipei University of Technology for holding the competition. The event gave chances for students to enroll in R&D by the implementation before graduation. As president Tian-Tsai-Shiu said, "There is no winning on the start, only losing before the end". He encouraged students to keep paying effort to become a prospective and innovative talent who will earn their advantages in the digital economic era. Besides, the president also expects National Taipei University of Technology making more cooperation with Commerce Development Research Institute in the future.

The chief judge of the competition made a summarize, he said "Find out something valuable in the first place is innovation". Besides innovation, the product shall be mature, implementable and valuable to deepen the technique. Vice supervisor Mr. Mai considered "Total Digitalization" will be the trend of industry 4.0. Many artworks of this competition show the concept of automation, intelligence and internet connectable. Mr. Mai pointed out that judges not only viewed the student's work, they were also looking for the items which were worth to invest. Therefore, students should not consider the competition as an end, but a new start to dig in the interested subject and make a constant effort on the study.

Section chief Ming-Ji-Wu from Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the event makes him touched as reliving the student age. At the end, he gave a blessing to the students who won the prize. As the organizer of the event, Pro. Cheng-Yu-Su will like to see the outcome of organizing the intelligent machine's industrial trend to develop student's learning motivation. By so, the students shall earn their innovative and implementation ability to fix the gap of school and industry.
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